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President's Message

Dear ICF Orange County Members & Supporters,

Looking back on some amazing moments with our community I realize how blessed we are with our members, our board, our partners and our supporters. It truly takes a village and the energy, the outreach, the commitment of all of you is heartwarming. 

Our May 18th ICW event was a great success. The expertise, honesty and authenticity of our panellist, with our own and amazing moderator created an environment of joy, growth, inspiration and excellence. The coahing demo, the peer-to-peer coaching, the networking in the hotel garden made the event something I am proud of. This is truly what it is all about. Pictures can be found on the Photo Gallery page or by using this link: ICF-OC Gallery

Another big moment was the WHW Top Performer Celebration. A year and a half ago we started partnering with WHW, women helping women, a non profit organization, providing the unemployed and the underemployed the skills and resources they need to get and keep a good job. We have just celebrated the success of our 4th round of coaching, which is called The Top Performer Program, in which our coaches provide pro-bono coaching to their clients.
The transformation we have seen and that have even been captured in some impressive study results is impressive and empowers us to continue this amazing program. 
Thanks to WHW for setting up a lovely evening in which coaches and clients share their experiences so we could all see with our own eyes how powerful coaching is. More info to be found on our website under Chapter news or by using this link: WHW Top Performer Program

And we have had great success with our New Coaches Webinarsthat started in April and finishes in June. A great place to meet other coaches, to ask questions, to share doubts, to share successes. So if you have not please join us and registrere using this link: New Coaches Webinar

The Board will take a break in June by getting together and think about our programming for the fall.

Wishing you all an amazing summer.  

At your service,

Nathalie Assen
President ICF Orange County Chapter